About techniSavvy® 

The ever expanding use of technology and its penetration into all aspects of everyday life is creating an "Understanding Gap" for the general population and is even more prevalent within the 50 years and up community.

Today's technology support is mainly vertical and driven by the hardware, software, and online service providers of specific brands (Apple®, Microsoft®, Facebook®, Bluetooth®, SnapChat®, etc.) needing support and education before and after the sale. In addition, organizations, companies, and individuals spend time educating and training employees on software platforms and services they may never encounter in their daily personal lives.

Each day there's a new latest and greatest technology (FaceTime™, online banking, smart houses, etc.) social media platforms (Facebook®, Instagram®, SnapChat®, Twitter®, etc.) and/or membership/eCommerce/service (Netflix®, ebates.com®, Amazon Prime™, etc.) are coming to the market. 

This will only continue to expand as new innovations and products are introduced to the market every day. 

Who is going to help/support/train all of these users?

The Answer: techniSavvy™ Technical Ambassadors! 

® Registered trademark of respected manufacturers

™Trademark of respected manufacturers