techniSanity™ Gift Cards For You and Your Families Sanity!

Tired of grating relationships with family members trying to teach them how to post your most recent trip pics on Facebook®? Getting frustrated showing Grandma how to FaceTime™......the 15th time to talk with her Grand-kids?   Exhausted explaining, what's a Tweet? 


Allow us to provide a win/win for you and your family. Purchase a techniSanity™ Gift Card and/or techniSupport™ plan and let our techniSavvy™ Technology Ambassadors provide you and your loved one(s) with the basics needed to utilize today's most popular (Netflix®, Facebook™, SnapChat®, Pintrest®, Twitter®, YouTube®, ebates®, etc.) innovations.

Small or Medium size business and want to expand your reach and financial results using social media? Contact tecniSavvy for a digital media strategy!


Bridging the "Understanding Gap" so you can save your Sanity!

® Registered trademark of respected manufacturers

™Trademark of respected manufacturers